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Clicking on the donut icon will load a page at altmetric. Find more information on the Altmetric Attention Score and how the score is calculated. Sixteen-electron Ni 0 complexes bearing trans -stilbene derivative ligands have been shown to display a high degree of stability toward oxidation in the solid state. A structural analysis of a unique family of tris Ni 0 stilbene complexes revealed a remarkable effect of the steric hindrance of the substituents at the para position of the stilbene unit to temperature, oxidation, and degradation in solution.

From these analyses, Ni 4-tBu stb 3 arose as a long-term air- bench. Importantly, Ni 4-tBu stb 3 presents faster kinetic profiles and a broader scope as a Ni 0 source, thus outperforming the previously described Ni 4-CF3 stb 3 in a variety of relevant Ni-catalyzed transformations.

A graphic was missing from Scheme 1 and a new version was reposted on September 16, The use of nickel Ni to catalyze organic transformations has gained tremendous momentum as a sustainable alternative to more noble metals. These drawbacks have partially been circumvented by the use of air-stable Ni II and Ni 0 ligand precursors 6,7 and the development of paraffin capsules for Ni COD 28 which afford the desired Ni species under aerobic conditions.

Yet, catalysis is limited to its combination with strongly nucleophilic ligands, due to the highly coordinating DQ. As part of our ongoing program on the study of low-valent Ni complexes, 11 our group has recently reported the air-stable, electron binary Ni 0 olefin complexes Ni stb 3 1 and Ni 4-CF3 stb 3 2 Figure 1 A. Importantly, complex 2 was shown to be an alternative to Ni COD 2 in a variety of Ni-catalyzed transformations.

However, in the absence of nucleophilic ligands, complex 2 was shown to be unstable in solution at room temperature, with fast exchange of the 4-CF3 stb ligand with the solvent, ultimately leading to Ni black.

Figure 1. A Ni 4-CF3 stb 3 : advantages and drawbacks. B Ni 4-tBu stb 3 : a superior Ni 0 source for Ni catalysis. With the aim of providing a solution to these drawbacks and to elucidate the origin of the unusual stability of tris-stilbene Ni 0 derivatives, herein we report a structural analysis of different electron binary Ni 0 complexes bearing distinct stilbene derivatives as ligands.

A survey of the substitution pattern of the aryl groups revealed that steric hindrance play a fundamental role toward protecting the Ni 0 center from oxidation.

The stability and catalytic activity of these new complexes were benchmarked with complexes 1 and 2. From this analysis, Ni 4-tBu stb 3 6 was identified as an extremely superior Ni 0 complex, with features that circumvent the limitations of 2 Figure 1 B.

Hence, 6 1 is stable at room temperature and can be stored opened to air on the bench for long periods of time ca. The unexpectedly high stability toward oxidation observed in our previous work for complex 2 over that of 1 12 posed the question as to whether this is the result of steric factors rendered by the CF 3 groups or is a consequence of the electron-withdrawing effect posed by this group on the stilbene unit.

To shed light on this question, we synthesized various binary electron complexes, featuring different steric and electronic substitutions at the meta and para positions of the stilbene. The procedure previously optimized for the multigram synthesis for 2 Ni acac 2stilbene, and AlEt 3 12 proved successful for the preparation of complexes 3 — 6 Figure 2top. At this point, we questioned whether the highly compact arrangement of the stilbenes around the Ni would permit substitution at the meta position of the aryl ring.

Gratifyingly, the corresponding Ni 0 complex bearing three E -1,2-bis 3,5-dimethylphenyl ethene ligands 5 could successfully be synthesized in high yield. Although several crystallization attempts were unsuccessful, compound 5 was successfully characterized by NMR spectroscopy and elemental analysis. This is in line with previous observations in our group about the facile displacement of one of the stilbene units in nucleophilic coordinating solvents.

Then, we speculated that the steric contribution of these substituents could play a major role. To validate this hypothesis, we increased the bulk at the para positions of the stilbene by introducing a t Bu group. To our delight, 6 exhibited a remarkable stability to temperature and oxidation, and it could simply be stored in air on the benchtop 1 month.

In contrast to 1 — 5complex 6 also displayed high stability in solution, showing no signs of decomposition in a variety of solvents. Finally, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy XPS unequivocally confirmed that the oxidation state of Ni in complex 6 is Ni 0.

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Complexes 2 — 4 and 6 reveal certain common features in the solid state: three stilbene units are wrapped around the Ni center in a propeller arrangement, rendering a distorted-trigonal-planar geometry resembling that of 12 and t,t,t -Ni CDT. Figure 2. Color code: green, Ni; black, C; yellow, F; purple, N.These metrics are regularly updated to reflect usage leading up to the last few days.

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olefin complexes

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Cite this: J. Article Views Altmetric. Citations Supporting Information Available. Cited By. This article is cited by 83 publications.Though the first metal olefin complex dates back a long time to the beginning of 19 th century, its formulation was established only a century later in the s. The strong binding of these cyclopropene and norbornene moieties to the metal center arise out of the relief of ring strain upon binding to the metal. This nature of reversal of olefin reactivity is called umpolung character.

Also, the strained alkenes and alkynes undergo such insertion readily. Oxidative addition Alkenes containing allylic hydrogens undergo oxidative addition to give a allyl hydride complex. The change in hybridization at the olefinic C from sp 2 to sp 3 primarily arise due to? Metalacyclopropane intermediate in a metal bound olefin complex is primarily formed due to which kind of interaction? Learning Objectives In this lecture you will learn the following The metal alkene complexes.

The umpolung reactivities of olefins in the metal alkene complexes. Synthesis Metal alkene complexes are synthesized by the following methods. Reaction of alkenes The metal alkene complexes show the following reactivities.

Problems 1. Predict the product of the reaction.

9.1: Metal Alkene Complexes

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olefin complexes

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olefin complexes

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olefin complexes

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