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Skip to content. Seraphim Solar. Balancing cost and efficiency for a guaranteed LCOE reduction In recent years, the industry has been chasing higher and higher efficiency, and lower production costs.

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Seraphim Solar

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seraphim solar

Stay informed. Join our newsletter.Seraphim has been committed to developing new cell and module encapsulation technologies, optimizing production processes, and improving quality control processes to increase the variety and quality of solar products. With a full array of exciting solar energy technologies, Seraphim's strong innovation continues to help customers to meet their goals.

From utilities to commercial and industrial customers, we work with the unique needs of each customer, site, and application to deliver the right products and services. Our emphasis on product innovation has allowed us to remain at the technological forefront of the solar PV industry.

Highly automated production lines enable Seraphim to supply modules with consistent quality, fast delivery and low cost. To meet the expectations of high quality, we apply state-of-the-art H. M inside production lines and continually invest in professional training for our employees in quality control department. We are proud of the quality of our products and its reliable performance even in the most extreme conditions. Seraphim All Rights Reserved.Ronald looks into Seraphim Solar Panels.

Yes, Ronald really looks like that. Update 10 July May SAE group is an importer of Seraphim panels and responsible for manufacturer warranties for panels they imported, but are not the only importer of panels and not responsible for the manufacturer warranties of panels brought into the country by other companies. Seraphim is a Chinese company with a panel manufacturing capacity of 1. They are a tier one manufacturer and provide a 10 year product warranty on their panels, which is standard.

seraphim solar

A Seraphim is a type of angel. So why use the word Seraphim for the name of a solar panel manufacturer? Well, they had to call themselves something. Or perhaps they were actually very clever. According to the book of ApokalypsisSeraphim are six winged angels that have eyes over their entire body, including the wings. This means they are covered in structures designed to make use of light and as solar panels are structures designed to make use of light it really is an appropriate name.

Or at least, I assume it is beautiful. It is kind of hard to see through all the smog. Changzhou is where the Wu language is spoken. However, now that I think about it, she may have just been angry because I was hanging out with her daughter. In addition to Chinese production, Seraphim Solar has a megawatt a year capacity plant in the United States. It is located in Jackson in the state of Mississippi, the triple double letter state, and is apparently capable of increasing its production over the next three years up to one gigawatt.

Having a solar panel factory in the United States is one way to get around this. How can you be certain the supply of silicon ingots or wafers your company requires to produce solar panels will arrive on time and be of suitable quality? One answer is to make them all yourself.

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This way the fate of your company is not in the hands of anyone else. There is another situation in which vertical integration occurs. If Chinese companies start to reduce vertical integration I would take that as a good sign that doing business inside China is becoming closer to doing business in most developed countries.Information around the Seraphim Solar brand in the United States has always been a little confusing.

Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co. The Chinese company has module and cell manufacturing locations in China and South Africa, and plans to expand module assembly into Vietnam and Indonesia. The company formed in and makes high-efficiency solar panels and recently entered the bifacial market. Seraphim Solar USA Manufacturingheadquartered in Texas, set up a solar panel assembly plant in Jackson, Mississippi, sometime in the mids, and in was added to approved U.

Seraphim Solar Panel Review: Heaven or Hell?

It was reported in October that the MW Mississippi facility was being shut down to expand to a full MWbut Solar Power World was never able to verify this claim, and you might understand why as we explain things below. The lawsuit was filed in the U. In these three specific cases, the solar installation companies pre-paid for modules from Seraphim Solar USA, insufficient panels were delivered or no panels were delivered at all and Seraphim alerted the companies in October that it was canceling the orders and did not have enough cash flow to return the invoiced amounts.

The solar companies filed lawsuits in late or early on breach of contract. So while Seraphim Solar USA was losing money and not making efficient and effective solar modules, it told one solar website that it was shutting down the company to expand even bigger.

Attempts to reach the Mississippi manufacturer were unsuccessful. Now a Nevada-based holding company that claims to have ownership on the Seraphim license in the Americas is suing Seraphim Solar USA and anyone else trying to use the Seraphim name on trademark infringement. Final quesiton who runs the U. Very good article, thank you for keeping us all informed! Although always looking at new technology and new manufacturers, nothing is worse than prepaying for panels to install for a customer, and getting substandard or non at all.

Thanks Dick Adler. Tell Us What You Think! Search Solar Power World.Seraphim Panels have proved to be the top panel in the field of inclusions to the Photon Solar Test in Germany. We have been installing Seraphim Solar panels for over 3 years now!

However, everytime we install Seraphim panels on a customers roof, it is our install team who is as impressed as the customer with the performance they crank out — straight off the bat. Always over-achieving. T Solar Panels, Yingli,etc they can offer better warranties, and most importantly, with confidence. Not only are Seraphim Solar Panels the best performing solar panel for Australian conditions, they are also amongst the best built. Using Japanese components and being sold in Germany, you can tell that Seraphim is aiming for a high-quality solar build.

Seraphim Solar Panels need to be seen to believe — There are no solder imperfections on any panel compared to the competition — There Quality Control is simply too good! Seraphim are a solar panel are like none other solar panel seen before. Cost — You would be thinking that these Seraphim Solar Panels come at a hefty price tag.

Even we are scratching our heads and puzzled how they can remain so cheap and priced in the market so competitively. Especially after installing system-after-system and visiting the factory in China on numerous occasions.

We are solar installers, not journalists remember. If you want a solar power quote on Seraphim Solar Panels click here. Need more info to go off, really need to be on site at around midday on a clear day and do some basic measurements and all will be revealed.

If it was a panel failure the drop would be gradual or unless it had a massive failure which would be noticeable.

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Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

seraphim solar

Detailed reviews and information of the best solar panels, inverters and batteries. Plus hybrid and off-grid solar system reviews and information articles on how solar and battery systems work.

Plus hybrid inverters, battery sizing, Lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries, off-grid and on-grid power systems. With hundreds of different solar panels on the market it is difficult for those not in the industry to identify quality panels which will perform over the expected 25 year life of a solar photovoltaic PV system.

Here we highlight the best quality solar panel manufacturers using the latest solar cell innovations to develop the most efficient and reliable panels with the longest life and highest performance. A common term that sales companies and manufacturers use is the 'Tier 1' rating. The Tier rating was developed by Bloomberg New Energy Finance Corporation and is basically used to rate solar panel manufacturers in terms of financial stability.

Unfortunately a Tier 1 ranking does not mean a panel offers the highest performance or quality. With most established panel manufacturers now rated as Tier 1, it is more important than ever to know how to distinguish a high quality and reliable panel by other means which we explain in more detail in our solar panel quality review. Join the discussion about the best solar panels on the solar forum. See our detailed solar panel quality review here.

In summary SunPower, LG, REC, Qcells and Winaico are generally regarded the best quality solar panel manufacturers offering the best service, longest warranties, highest efficiency and lowest degradation over the life of the panel. LG energy. Q cells.

Trina Solar. There are several other highly regarded panel manufacturers popular in the US, Japan, and across the world which are either not available, have limited supply or are very new to Australia.

Seraphim Solar Panels Review

Here is a short list of some other well regarded solar panel manufacturers. Phono Solar.Enter your zip code and monthly power spend to compare prices from local companies selling Seraphim solar panels.

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They came with the package. First of all, I like that they were not made in China. As stated earlier, I wanted panels made in North America but that didn't happen. They were made in South Africa but they carry the same warranty. I liked the idea of individual microinverters rather than a central inverter. Recommended by my installers.

Look good. They look awesome, cost and energy efficient. Quoted panel. Seraphim Solar Panels. I am still awaiting energizing of the system, but all is great so far. They seem to be working fine. Here are the top 5 solar panel models for Seraphim. To find another model, use the search below. Click on your state for more information on solar contractors in your area.

Not your state? Save changes. March 25, Solar panels are more efficient than ever. The majority of solar panels available in the market are similar in terms of efficiency, but there are some standouts. Read More. The information on our website is general in nature and is not intended as a substitute for competent legal, financial or electrical engineering advice.

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