Smoke billows from the 8,ton oil tanker Dixie Arrow after it was torpedoed by U at a. March 26, off Ocracoke Inlet, as seen from a U. Photo: Outer Banks History Center. Carol Dillon poses in front of the year-old Buxton home in which she was raised.

The home was just two doors away from the old post office, where her mother, Maude White, was postmistress.

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Photo: Ed Beckley. In the early s, Outer Bankers went to bed worrying if German spies might come ashore in the dark of night from their submarines, or U-boats, hidden behind the waves. Carol White Dillon, 89, of Buxton recollects it was when the man with the German accent came to visit the parents of a childhood friend, before the U. Dillon said there was speculation he was let off a U-boat, and rowed ashore in a rubber raft. Dillon said that, back then, access to Hatteras was only by ferry, and the best way to travel over land was by walking, horseback or riding on the Midgett Bus Line.

He was just visiting. He stayed with the Melhouses on Buxton Back Road. The house is still there. I played with their son, Ralph. This little white house, now a rental cottage owned by Carol Dillon, served as the post office for Buxton during World War II, and was located across the street from its present location at N. He wanted to mail heavy parcels in wooden boxes.

They were maybe 2 and a half feet by 2 feet, and he would insure them. I think she was already suspicious. Dillon said her only interaction with the man was that day in the post office. She and her mother never spoke of the incident with the Melhouses or anybody else. Her mother wanted to keep it to themselves. She called the FBI.

Navy, and had a relative at the Coast Guard station on the island, and may have used the telephone there, she said.By Peter Hummers on October 17, One of our series today uses the same source material as a film but tells the same story in minutes that the film did in Another is the sequel to a recent film from a book, taking as its source a sequel from the same author that carried on the story. All deal with World War II. In Sussex, on the south coast of England during the Second World War, most of civic life is tied to the war and its fallout on local law enforcement.

Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle is an unassuming but tenacious officer whose cases involve profiteering, the black market, and murder among criminals taking advantage of the confusion caused by the war. He has little patience for those who would circumvent the law for any reason and so has his hands full. Impressing MI5 after crossing swords with them, he signs on after the war to help with cold-war espionage. The historical accuracy of this series is stunning, the drama is ingenious and the characters well-rounded, producing an enjoyable and usually thought-provoking entertainment.

Here is a trailer. One of its protagonists comes from Alsace-Lorraine, born there when it was part of Germany.

the outer banks & world war i

It was annexed to the French Republic in She is a young woman who travels to La Rochelle to work as a translator in the German submarine base there, joining her brother who is a radio operator on U When he is called to sea unexpectedly he requests her help in delivering a package later that night, and she discovers her brother is involved in the French resistance. Her boss, a Gestapo Inspector, becomes attracted to her. The exciting series, which is being favoriably compared to the movie, is on Hulu, with a second season in the works.

This audacious Hulu miniseries is brought to the small screen by Richard Brown, who had executive produced True Detective. Six minute episodes long, it succeeds in distinguishing itself from its excellent cinematic forbearer by extended storytelling and the talent involved. Giancarlo Giannini plays an avuncular Italian pimp.

He will try anything to avoid flying the dangerous missions over Italy in which his squadron is involved. He and his associates deal with the madness of war in their own mad ways. Capitalist Milo Minderbinder can supply the base with anything given enough time, and is given the mess service. A changing of the guard at an iconic OBX spot.

the outer banks & world war i

Avon Fishing Pier Reopens.With visitors returning to the Outer Banks on Saturday, Dare County has posted a list of frequently asked questions that outline what visitors should know and expect on an Outer Banks vacation during the global COVID pandemic. Individuals in Dare County are encouraged to wear a mask or cloth face covering if you will be with other people.

Cloth face coverings can be fashioned from household items or made at home from common materials at a low cost. Cloth face coverings should not be placed on young children under age 2, or anyone who has trouble breathing, is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance. The cloth face coverings described are not surgical masks nor N respirators. Those are critical supplies that must continue to be reserved for healthcare workers and other medical first responders, as recommended by current CDC guidance.

Will essential businesses be stocked to provide groceries and necessary supplies? Like many places throughout the nation, certain types of products remain difficult or hard to find.

There may also be purchasing limits for in-demand items such as paper products and cleaning supplies. Retailers have indicated they do not foresee challenges providing essential items. The variety of products and availability will fluctuate especially when consumers buy more than necessary to meet immediate needs.

There may also be purchasing limits for in-demand products such as paper products and cleaning supplies. Please be patient — accommodations providers will be inundated with calls initially so if your arrival date is further out, give them some time to answer questions from those who have plans in the near future.

Many of your favorite Outer Banks restaurants are offering delivery and takeout as an alternative to dining in. Lodging establishments which traditionally service breakfast or other meals are also only able to provide meals to go. The Outer Banks Visitors Bureau has compiled a list of restaurants offering takeout and delivery services.

the outer banks & world war i

Call ahead for specific menus and hours of operation. This list is subject to change.

The Outer Banks - The Don'ts of OBX, North Carolina

At this time, beaches remain open. Beaches will be monitored to ensure that social distancing guidelines are adhered to and that there are no gatherings of more than 10 people. If guidelines are not followed, some beaches and public areas may be closed. It is absolutely critical to limit contact with individuals outside of your household, stay 6 feet away from others at all times and continue to practice healthy hygiene habits. Certain businesses such as gyms, salons, bars, theatres, etc.Subscribe to our newsletter.

What are the Outer Banks?

the outer banks & world war i

To the visitor, they are wind, sand and fun. To lovers of the past, they are the cite of events that created not just Outer Banks history but history that impacted humankind. To the resident, whose family has lived there for generations, they are, quite simply, home.

Geologists call the Banks a prime example of the land form called the barrier island. They are made entirely of sand, without the keel of rock that anchors most islands firmly to the earth.

A phenomenon that is, even now, in the process of passing forever out of existence. As most people know, the level of the ocean has changed steadily throughout geological history, as a result of water released or stored up in the great polar icecaps.

When, during the ice ages, great amounts of water are withdrawn from circulation, the consequent lowering of the sea extends coastlines far out into what is now the ocean.

This is, as most authorities now agree, how the Banks were formed. They are surprisingly recent. As the last great ice age, some 20, years ago, drew to an end, the sea was more than feet lower than it is now. The area we now call North Carolina extended some 30 miles farther out, to the edge of the North American Continental Shelf.

The polar icecaps, warmed by some still mysterious climatic change, then began to melt, and the sea rose. Rivers from inland contributed silt to build them up. But as the sea rose, the dunes were submerged, becoming sand bars. Thousands of years passed.

The waves kept rolling in, and the bars grew. They also moved, pushed westward and southward by the prevailing northeast winds and seas. The rising sea flooded the low land behind them, forming estuaries that we today call the sounds.

World Wars

The Banks grew and broke to the surface once again. A few thousand years later, the rise in the ocean slowed, though it continues today at an accelerating rate. The Banks had a breathing space. Life began to take root as rain leached the salt from the sand.

Beach grass and other vegetation helped to keep sand in place, further slowing the rate of migration. Today the Outer Banks seem, to our short-lived eyes, a permanent land form. We see today a string of narrow, low islands, an average of 12 feet above sea level, from a few thousand feet to 3 miles across, punctuated by narrow inlets. But they're not permanent; they are alive, and they are moving even now.

Two examples:.Who knew? Comparatively speaking, this era and this activity seems to be undesrserved or overlooked in the more typical discussions about Ocracoke history. Appreciate your shedding some light for us.

In your own experience, Philip, relating to or recollecting folks who lived through that period, any insight as to how this activity impacted day-to-day life on the island? As always, appreciate your sharing. Fellow readers: Is it just my computer, or has the Silver Lake Harbor view from the Ocracoke Harbor Inn webcam been inoperable for some time? The Teach's Hole webcam is operable.

Looking at it this morning, I was surprised--and intrigued--to note extensive flocks of birds flying southeastward? I realize this is typical of the area for this time of year, but this is the first time I've seen it with my own eyes--so many birds and in such large formations. One flock extended fully across the view on my computer screen, from left to right. I suspect the birds were likely geese or ducks.

Philip, any observations about such activity this time of year from your in-person perspective? Here in southwestern PA, I notice a seasonal spike in the prevalence and seemingly communal activity of crows. Always interesting to see. Maybe a song writer needs to sing about this in a tune that is easy to remember.

Otherwise this haunting chapter of history will remain obscure or perhaps a student of POETRY could take pen in handafter careful study of metaphor, time and place and reveal to those that have not thought the shores of North Carolina are awash in blood. The dark night on Lightship Now it is just a matter of stories heard from parents and grand-parents The birds you are seeing are probably cormorants.

They tend to fly in large flocks, often low over the water, and in a "fluid" V pattern. I found my map of Ocracoke that I bought from Village Craftsman.

I found Hog Shoal!! Now, strange question time Getting to Hog Shoal, would you leave from Silver Lake or can you set sail with a canoe, kayak, or flat bottomed boat from South Point? How long does it take to get there from Silver Lake and South Point if you can launch from there? Can someone standing on the beach around South Point see people clamming on Hog Shoal?The Outer Banks would play a crucial role in two more wars just decades after the Civil War.

During both World Wars, German ships and U-Boats would lurk off the coast of North Carolina, causing numerous skirmishes on American territory, and providing more victims for the Outer Banks' Graveyard of the Atlantic. One of the most famous Life Saving Station rescues occurred during World War I, and began when a British Tanker, the Mirlo, was traveling north off the coast of the Outer Banks in August to bring gasoline and oil to American troops joining the allied forces.

En route, and just off the coast of present-day Rodanthethe Mirlo was split in two by a torpedo from a lurking German U-Boat, and the tankard burst into flames, with the oil and gasoline igniting instantly across the water. The crew at the Chicamacomico Life Saving Station saw the flames from miles away, and launched their boat off the coast, past the rough breakers, and into miles of burning oil. Extracting men from the flames, the crew members were able to rescue 42 of the 51 British sailors on board, and were awarded both the American and British American Crosses for bravery.

While a number of casualties and attacks occurred off the Outer Banks during World War I, World War II would prove far more costly, as many experts believe the biggest defeats of the American Allies happened not in Europe, but right off the coast of North Carolina. In total, ships were sunk off the East Coast, and many of these were destroyed by the 65 German U-Boats that were lurking off the Outer Banks.

Locals reported spotting at least one shipwreck or explosion offshore a day, and conditions deteriorated to the point that a small road was created in Buxton from the beach to the mainland to make it easier to cart the bodies and salvage ashore.

This road still exists today in between the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and the Cape Point beach access ramp.

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The sheer number of causalities inflicted by the U-Boats gave the Outer Banks the unfortunate nickname of "Torpedo Junction," and the area became a watery grave for countless soldiers during both World Wars. The shipwrecks from both World War I and World War II have since been explored by amateur divers and archeologists alike, and their finds can be viewed first hand at a number of local museums, such as the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum in Hatteras Village.

This museum offers a detailed history of the Outer Banks' role in both world wars, and is worth a visit by any history buff who wants to explore the lesser-known military significance and history of the Outer Banks.

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